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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no hidden fees at Profit Masters. Profit Masters is mainly compensated for its services through matchmaking fees from our partners: the investment firms we work with.

Profit Masters is a matchmaking service, we don't charge any fees from our clients. You can see your costs and charges statement as part of your annual report in any of the firms we will match you with.

In order to start trading in the financial market some initial capital is required. As a top tier affiliate partner of 50+ industry leaders the diversification is wide and the initial requirements for each are different: while some require initial capital of 5000 euro others can start as low as 500. This is where we stand out, our team of experts specialize in matching you the right brokerage to your evolving needs.

We are working only with tier 1 partners who hold all client funds in segregated bank accounts, to ensure maximum protection of funds.

No. All funds must originate from a payment method registered in your own name.

Usually yes, however you may be required to provide supporting documentation to confirm that you are one of the named parties on the account. Nevertheless, in certain countries and under certain circumstances this may not be possible due to regulatory obligations.

The time frame for processing a withdrawal request is normally 1-3 business days, in order to allow us to complete various security checks before initiating payment. The time frame for receipt of the payment, is dependent upon the payment method and processing time of the third party remitter. The withdrawal screen on the trading platform states the minimum withdrawal requirements for each type of payment method. Processing a withdrawal request for less than the minimum withdrawal amount may result in charges to your account. Listed below are the withdrawal methods we offer. Please note that some of the methods may not be available in your region: Electronic wallets - PayPal or Skrill. Funds should be received in your e-wallet account in 3-7 business days after withdrawal has been authorised. Bank transfer - direct bank to bank funds transfer. Funds should be received in your bank account within 5-7 business days from the authorisation of the withdrawal. Withdrawals to a bank account may be subject to further delays sometimes depending on the banking institution and the jurisdiction in question. Credit/debit cards - funds should be received in the respective credit/debit cards and/or bank account associated with the relevant card according to each bank's processing time. Our policy is to, wherever possible, make withdrawal payments to the same source that was used to make the deposit on the customer's account. For example, if a customer deposits using a Visa card, we will always first attempt to process any withdrawal thereafter to the same Visa card account. Once the withdrawal has been authorised, the funds should be credited to the customer's Visa card account by its next monthly charge/ billing date.

The Profit Masters team is the world's leading financial academy, we are working closely with all the leading investment firms - offering tier 1 market access and safety of funds. Profit Masters is a group of online education specialists, financial markets veterans and marketers who came together to create a meaningful platform for growth. We specialize in business growth, financial education, investing advice and mentorship - all aligned with our core belief that knowledge is power.

No need for previous knowledge. Our partners provide full, real-time guidance and market education to help you grow. We only pair you with brokers that offer trading guidance and incorporate our educational core principles.

Results could vary according to your investment preferences and level of deposit and while past performance may not indicate future results, our clients have been able to get unparalleled return on investment. Financial firms we work with provide you with a trading platform which guarantee real market access.

We believe proper investing should be easy. Studies have shown that investing 30 minutes per week in active trading can lead to significant financial improvements. We partner with solutions that are clear, easy to use and emphasize education and support.

Similar to opening a bank account, the financial firms we match you with are required to comply with anti-fraud and anti money laundering policies. therefore they may request to perform identity and residential address verification. In some jurisdictions your identity can be verified electronically, while in others you will be required to provide certain documents. Moreover, as part of the due diligence process, you may be required to provide proof of your residential verification and certain information regarding the payment method you wish to use to fund your account.

Customers are required to verify their accounts for identification and security purposes in accordance with our customer due diligence process, for example the verification of your name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, email address and payment method, etc.

After completing your details you'll get a call from one of our experts during business hours. From learning a bit more about your style and goals we will match you with the perfect solution. Then you can fund your personal trading account with one of our top trading partners and get your free trading gift.

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a personal number used for tax purposes in your tax country (i.e. the country in which you report your taxes). The term used for TIN varies from one country to another, for example: Identification Number, National Insurance Number, Social Security Number, etc. Accordingly, you will be asked to supply your TIN information.

Our platform is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All sensitive information submitted by our customers, such as credit/debit card numbers, passwords, etc. is automatically transferred by SSL to a secure environment.

All of our partners receive funds from credit/debit cards. Profit Masters are responsible for the procedure and give full guidance in any refund request, we will always attempt to refund the card in the first instance irrespective of the withdrawal method you chose when requesting the refund. Your chosen method acts as a backup in the event that we are unable to make the refund to the depositing card. Once approved and submitted, a credit card refund is deliverable prior to your next monthly charge/billing date.

In order to make a withdrawal you should follow these instructions: Log in to your trading account → Click on “Funds Management” → “Withdrawal” → Select your preferred withdrawal method → Fill in the fields and click on the "Submit" button (on mobile devices, you can access the “Funds Management” screen from the menu button).